8 thrilling cable car rides

These aerial trams provide scenic views and a healthy dose of excitement.

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Sandia Peak Tramway, New Mexico

North America's longest tramway runs between the Rio Grande Valley, near Albuquerque, and the top of Sandia Peak. The line stretches for 2.7 miles, traveling above deep canyons and between cliff faces. The top station, on the summit of Sandia Peak, is more than 10,000 feet above sea level.

Despite its length, the tramway has just two support pillars. When the second of these pillars was built in the 1960s, helicopters had to be used to ferry workers and materials because the site was impossible to reach by ground. At the top station, the temperature can be as much as 30 degrees colder than it is in the valley below. Most people simply ride up and then return, but there is a restaurant, hiking trails and wintertime skiing options accessible from the peak.

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