8 thrilling cable car rides

These aerial trams provide scenic views and a healthy dose of excitement.

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Hakone Ropeway, Mount Fuji, Japan Hakone Ropeway, Mount Fuji, Japan (Photo: Mahalarp / Shutterstock)

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Hakone Ropeway, Japan

The Hakone Ropeway is best known for traveling past the famous Mount Fuji in Japan. This is one of the world's longest cable car rides. The journey passes four stations and takes about 30 minutes total. Hakone is one of the easiest aerial trams to ride because of the frequency of service. Cars leave once per minute from the first station in Sōunzan.

Fuji is the highlight for most passengers, but there are other sights along the route as well. Ōwakudani, which literally translates to "Big Boiling Valley," is a volcanic area with active sulfur vents. The cars pass right over the smoking ground. The journey ends at Lake Ashi, a crater lake that is now a popular day-cruise destination.

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