8 thrilling cable car rides

These aerial trams provide scenic views and a healthy dose of excitement.

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Cable car at Manara Cliff overlooks the Hula Valley Cable car at Manara Cliff overlooks the Hula Valley (Photo: Protasov AN / Shutterstock)

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Manara Cliff Cable Car, Israel

Stretching over a mile, Israel's longest cable car ride overlooks the colorful fields of Hula Valley. It's an unforgettable family experience that can easily fill an afternoon – halfway through the ride, visitors have the option to step off and rappel, ride a mountain slide (a roller coaster thrill), rock climb, mountain bike down the cliff or take the zip line 600 feet down. For those who decide to ride the cable cars all the way back, the ride lasts about 8-10 minutes and reaches a peak altitude of 2,400 feet.

Kid-friendly activities at Manara Cliff await on the lower level, where children can jump on trampolines, and on the upper level, where there is a beautiful natural amphitheater and even a Gymboree for the little ones.

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