Captivating images from the Israel National Trail

Photojournalist hiking captures a stunning range of urban and natural wonders.

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The Sea of Galilee The Sea of Galilee (Photo: Vicenta Cobo)

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The Sea of Galilee

In October, I shared my adventures on the Israel National Trail, a 620-mile expanse that crosses through spectacular landscapes both natural and urban. The first story only scratched the surface of what we saw. 

We hiked for a full week, crossing different parts of the trail: Two days in the desert and one each in Mount Tavor, Arbel, the Jerusalem mountains, Jerusalem proper and Tel Aviv. 

As a photojournalist, I marveled at this stunning view over the Sea of Galilee from the Arbel Plateau. It was one of the greatest rewards of this hike. 

Known also as Kinneret, or Lake Tiberias, it’s the largest freshwater lake in Israel and is surrounded by fertile fields of rich soil in which bananas and other plants grow.

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