A vacation fit for a genius: Follow Einstein's journey through these 8 countries

Hop aboard as we go globetrotting with the Nobel Prize winner.

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A tourist shows her affection for Albert Einstein. A tourist shows her affection for Albert Einstein. (Photo: Courtesy photo)

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Einstein got his professional career started at the Swiss Patent Office in Bern. The picturesque village – home to the world's largest Einstein museum – recently erected four benches bearing statues of the Nobel Prize-winning scientist sitting on them. The town is encouraging tourists to snap selfies with the beloved genius and post them to Instagram with the hashtags #ilovebern and #einsteinselfie. "It is fantastic to see how people react. People seem to love taking pictures with Albert and treat the sculpture with respect," said Michael Keller, the president of Bern Tourism. "I hope he would have liked to see the appreciation of the people and to give them the opportunity to take a rest beside him."

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