8 Airbnbs straight out of the Harry Potter universe

So your Hogwarts acceptance letter never came. Time to buy your way in.

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Hogsmeade Hogsmeade (Photo: Airbnb)

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We all agree that the Warner Bros. made Hogsmeade pretty picturesque in England, but imagine if it had been in the Swiss Alps. Without further ado, we bring you the Swiss village of Meiringen, a place with lots of shops, tourist attractions and places to ski.

You may run into some Sherlock Holmes fans on the way; one of his mysteries, "The Final Problem," took place there. If you do, we recommend a turf war. Don't worry, magic beats deduction; otherwise Hermione would have been the main character and we would have seen a side of Ron that was considerably less filler-charactery. You'll hit those detectives with a stunning spell while they're still trying to analyze the origin of the mud on your shoes. (Our money's on Swiss mud.)

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