8 Airbnbs straight out of the Harry Potter universe

So your Hogwarts acceptance letter never came. Time to buy your way in.

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Beauxbatons Academy Beauxbatons Academy (Photo: Airbnb)

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Beauxbatons Academy

In the books, the Beauxbatons Palace is a beautiful, 700-year old French chateau, surrounded by fountains and majestic gardens. We scoured Airbnb and found basically the exact place: this 17th century French chateau is surrounded by a park full of bamboo, ginkgo and tulip trees, enclosed by a wall overlooking a river. Not to mention the aviary of peacocks, or the rabbits and deer that prance around the place, Snow White style. We could go on, but it'll just make the backyard we're looking out at seem way too small and peacock-less.

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