8 Airbnbs straight out of the Harry Potter universe

So your Hogwarts acceptance letter never came. Time to buy your way in.

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Room of requirement Room of requirement (Photo: Airbnb)

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Room of Requirement

Unsurprisingly, this intriguingly weird authentic baroque house is in Germany.

It's from the 1690s, an age that we vaguely think had a lot of composers in it, but seems to have been way more about the stuffed eagles or ravens or whatever bird of prey seems to be having a moment with a Prohibition-era hipster.

As far as the rest of the place goes, Google translate tells us: "Usually we have 15 beds in the house – but can get a little aufbetten." We looked up "auf betten," and it apparently means "on beds," so ... ummm ... watch out for those beds? They may have talons.

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