8 Airbnbs straight out of the Harry Potter universe

So your Hogwarts acceptance letter never came. Time to buy your way in.

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Room under stairs Room under stairs (Photo: Airbnb)

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The cupboard under the stairs

Harry Potter was probably the best thing ever to happen to people trying to rent out tiny rooms under staircases. Though personally, we think these Seattle hosts should have gone all the way with the theme: spiders, junk mail, stale birthday cake ...

This mini room under a staircase is surrounded by businesses that sound like they came out of J.K. Rowling's brain, such as "the Ballard Locks" and "Mulleady's Pub." It's recommended for people ages 7 and up. So yes, parents, you may stuff the children in here.

Oh, and hmm ... What are the titles of the books on the trunk?

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