8 Airbnbs straight out of the Harry Potter universe

So your Hogwarts acceptance letter never came. Time to buy your way in.

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platform 9 3/4 platform 9 3/4 (Photo: AnjelikaGr / Shutterstock)

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The letter never came

Maybe it got stuck in your lack of a chimney, or maybe it was accidentally glued to one of the billion letters that ended up in the Dursley house (like Harry needed that many). Either way, you've managed to live this long without ever washing off troll snot or putting an unforgivable curse on a goblin.

That changes today. We have combed the globe for Harry Potter-style Airbnb locations that you can actually stay in. Whether you need a vacation or you just want to relive your midnight book release days, consider this your platform 9¾.

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