7 of the most beautiful protected forests in the world

Trees still rule in these protected natural areas.

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A boardwalk in Bavarian Forest National Park A boardwalk in Bavarian Forest National Park (Photo: Willow / Wikimedia Commons)

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Bavarian Forest National Park, Germany

The Bavarian National Forest is in Germany, next to its border with the Czech Republic. Most of the land here is covered with spruce and fir trees. This is a highland area, and there are several 4,000-foot mountain peaks within the park. 

Most of the ancient forests of Bavaria were cut down when logging was permitted in the region. However, the park has been left to regrow, and the local authorities have a strict hands-off policy so that nature is allowed to take its course. However, there is now active oversight of the forest in some areas after trees were destroyed by an invasive species of bark beetle. Boardwalk trails have been built inside the park, which is visited by about 700,000 people annually. 

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