7 castles that have been converted into hotels

You can actually spend the night in these centuries-old buildings.

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Ashford Castle Hotel in County Mayo, Ireland Ashford Castle Hotel in County Mayo, Ireland (Photo: Elzbieta Sekowska / Shutterstock)

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A hotel fairy tale

Historic castles that still stand in good condition today are a tourist's dream. For example, Edinburgh Castle, which towers over its namesake city, is the most visited site in all of Scotland. Though the continent of Europe is rich with centuries-old castles and palaces, similar structures can also be found in Asia, the Mediterranean and even in the Americas. 

In modern times, many of the world's most well-preserved castles have been converted into inns. Some have kept their timeless exteriors, but upgraded the interiors to look like five-star hotels. Others have retained their Medieval appearance throughout and offer guests an authentic overnight trip into the past. Here are seven of the most interesting castle hotels in the world.  

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