7 best mountain bike destinations on Earth

These remote two-wheeler trails offer speed, excitement and scenery.

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Biking in Italy's Dolomite Mountain Range Biking in Italy's Dolomite Mountain Range (Photo: TDway / Shutterstock)

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Italy's Dolomites

The Dolomites stretch across Northern Italy. The mountain scenery is some of the best in Europe, and the extensive trails give bikers access to parts of the region that are not accessible to car-bound tourists. Trails can stretch for more than 600 miles, and most journeys can be broken down into well-defined day-long stages. With the right planning, tour bikers won't have to pack a tent because they can stay in local villages each night. 

The Dolomiti Lagorai is an entire region with hundreds of miles of trails and a growing infrastructure for people who want to stay in the saddle for days or weeks at a time. The nearby Brenta area offers a similar mountain-biking scene.  


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