7 best mountain bike destinations on Earth

These remote two-wheeler trails offer speed, excitement and scenery.

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Biking through the Bali's rural, non-tourist areas Biking through the Bali's rural, non-tourist areas (Photo: yyoz / Pixabay)

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The Indonesian island of Bali is, first and foremost, a beach destination. Though many people come to experience the island's timeless and exotic culture, the sand, sun and waves are the undisputed main attraction. Except for the inland tourist hub of Ubud, most of the non-beach areas of this island remain largely unvisited. That is great news for mountain bikers, who can avoid crowds as the pedal though lush jungle trails and cruise up and down challenging mountain paths. 

Some tour companies have started to embrace two-wheel tourism, offering day-long rides on trails that pass through areas that have been largely untouched by Bali's tourism boom.  

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