7 best mountain bike destinations on Earth

These remote two-wheeler trails offer speed, excitement and scenery.

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Desert biking in Sedona, Arizona Desert biking in Sedona, Arizona (Photo: meunierd / Shutterstock)

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Sedona, Arizona

It seems like Sedona was made by Mother Nature specifically for mountain biking. Sitting in the Arizona desert, this area is filled with trails of varying degrees of difficulty. Families prefer the flat paths as they cruise around taking in the unusual rock formations and desert landscapes. Those with a need for speed and little bit of technical skill can punctuate their rides with a few steep downhill runs. There are also highly technical trails that pass near sheer drop-offs and require riders to be able to negotiate deep sand, rocks and nearly-90-degree drops. 

The biking here is so good that Sedona even has its own festival. The Sedona Mountain Bike Festival is an annual event that draws enthusiasts and professionals from all over the world. It is usually held in early March, when trail conditions and temperatures are ideal.  

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