6 vacation spots to satisfy your inner philanthropist

Take a volunteer vacation that satisfies more than just your wanderlust.

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Organic farming in Romania Organic farming in Romania (Photo: SebiTian / Shutterstock)

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Organic Farming in Romania

If you like farm-fresh food and aren’t afraid to dig in the dirt, you can get an (almost) free ride to Romania, or anywhere else in the world, just by helping out on an organic farm. Through Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms – Romania, choose from dozens of picturesque farms and get ready to tend pesticide-free crops and livestock, make eco-friendly cheese or mix earth-fresh compost. In exchange for being a foreign farmhand, you get room and board and a chance to explore life in this scenic Eastern European nation. Or name another dream destination – from India to Uganda to Turkey – and line up a sustainable farming gig via parent organization Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF).

Length: From a few days to a few months
Accommodations: Depends on farm – anything from sleeping bag to farmhouse bed
Approximate price: $25 membership in WWOOF Romania, flight, and other travel expenses en route
Website: WWOOF Romania

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