15 strange animals of the Red Sea

These marine creatures stand out for their odd appearances.

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Giant clam

This coral reef clam knows how to blend in with its environment. Wedging itself between hard corals, the clam's mantle is a startling splash of color and pattern, looking like another colorful adornment on the reef.

Everything about the giant clam is huge. The largest bivalve mollusk (clams, oysters, mussles, scallops), the giant clam can weigh over 400 pounds and grow to over 3 feet long. Even its life span is impressive, with wild clams living more than 100 years!

The giant clam offers a mansion for algae to live in, even opening up to let algae flourish in sunlight during the day. In turn, the algae produce a byproduct that the clam consumes as part of its filtered food. Next time you're perusing the coral reef, take a closer look at the wavy formations!

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