15 strange animals of the Red Sea

These marine creatures stand out for their odd appearances.

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Yellowmouth moray eel Yellowmouth moray eel (Photo: Kim Briers / Shutterstock)

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Yellowmouth moray eel

When the yellowmouth moray eel shows off its brightly colored mouth, it may seem like he's trying to scare you off, but really it's just a form of respiration. These eels are actually shy animals that usually retreat when confronted by humans. Also known as the starry moray because of its polka-dotted exterior, this eel spends its days sitting snugly within the coral reef, ready to hide just in case.

At night, the moray takes advantage of its resemblance to the starry sky and goes on the hunt for unsuspecting fish. Like other moray eels, this night predator relies on smell more so than eyesight to track down prey.

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