15 strange animals of the Red Sea

These marine creatures stand out for their odd appearances.

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Ornate ghost pipefish hides among sea vegetation Ornate ghost pipefish hides among sea vegetation (Photo: Rich Carey / Shutterstock)

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Ornate ghost pipefish

A master of disguise, this false pipefish blends in seamlessly to its coral reef habitat – in fact, they are plentiful in the Red Sea but you may not even notice they're there!

False pipefishes, also known as tubemouth fishes, are similar in appearance to their well-known seahorse and pipefish cousins. They differ from pipefish in that they have extra fins. They differ from seahorses in their body shape as well as the way they carry young; while seahorses carry eggs in pouches, false pipefishes use their pelvic fins. Only a few inches long, these animals move very little to remain unseen as they snack on microscopic crustaceans through their long, thin mouths, like a straw.

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