15 of Israel's environmental wonders

Israel's varied climate and intriguing geology has shaped breathtaking formations across the country.

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Moon shines in the daytime above Ramon Crater Moon shines in the daytime above Ramon Crater (Photo: Vadim Petrakov / Shutterstock)

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Makhtesh Ramon

A special kind of erosion crater called a makhtesh, the Ramon Crater is the largest of its kind in Israel. In the daytime, Nubian ibexes frolic on the rocky cliffs with ease; at night, nocturnal animals emerge and stargazing opportunities abound. 

Formed over millions of years by the ebb and flow of the sea as well as movements within the earth's crust, Makhtesh Ramon is a geologist's dream. Within its rocky slopes are layers of rocks representing the passing of time, and fossils can be found throughout the area. 

With such geological significance and a human history dating back thousands of years, it's no wonder this is Israel's largest nature reserve.

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