Take a tour of some of the lowest places on Earth

Learn about the geography and history behind some of the world's most challenging environments.

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Mariana Trench, Guam: 6.83 miles below sea level

This United States National Monument consists of 95,216 square miles of underwater lands and waters in the Mariana Archipelago, including the Challenger Deep, a small, slot-shaped indent in an oceanic trench that happens to be the deepest point in the Earth's oceans. This spot is so deep that if you were to drop Mount Everest underwater there, it still wouldn't touch the ocean floor.

In 2012, the National Geographic Society and Rolex teamed up to secretly build the Deepsea Challenger to make the first manned solo dive into this deepest part of the ocean.

If you think this adventurous sea journey sounds like the plot of a James Cameron movie, that's because it was actually directed by Canadian film director James Cameron: he piloted the Challenger to the bottom of the ocean. Quite the Renaissance man.

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