Amazing photos of countries from space

These satellite images provide the ultimate view of some of the world's most interesting places.

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iberia (Spain and Portugal) at night iberia (Spain and Portugal) at night (Photo: NASA / NASA Earth Observatory)

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Spain and Portugal

Most people associate the distinct shape of the Iberia with Spain, even though Portugal dominates the western part of the peninsula. The two nations are separated by cultural and linguistic differences, but in reality, the different provinces of Spain are as different from each other as Spain is from Portugal. Spaniards often identify themselves as Andalusian, Castilian, or Catalan, for example, rather than Spanish. They even speak their regional tongue as a first language (and Spanish as a second language).  

Both Spain and Portugal have territories that don't appear on most satellite images. Spain controls the Canary Islands and Portugal owns Madeira, both of which sit off the coast of West Africa.  

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