Amazing photos of countries from space

These satellite images provide the ultimate view of some of the world's most interesting places.

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Snaking between North and South America, Panama has one of the most famous human-made features ever created: the Panama Canal. Despite its skinny stature and tropical climate, this nation actually has a lot of geographic diversity. Waters on both sides of the country are teeming with reef life, while mountains, rivers and the dense forests of the Darien Gap are all only a few hours' drive away from one another. 

The Darien Gap, located in the southernmost point in Panama, was once a haven for smugglers and rebel groups from Colombia. It remains impenetrable to this day. This is the only place where the Pan-American Highway, which stretches all the way from Alaska to Patagonia, does not pass through. There is a 60-mile gap where the road is literally blocked by the Darien woods.  

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