Mammals you didn’t know existed

From fanged deer to moles with tentacle noses, here are some of the weirdest species to ever call us family.

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aye aye aye aye (Photo: Joel James / Flickr)

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If you didn't click away immediately upon seeing this image, you may have found it familiar. This aye-aye is actually the same species as the animal from the introductory slide; it just happens to be the version from your nightmares. This one may have spent a little too much time hiding in a cave, obsessing over a ring of power. (That's why you stay in the Shire, kids).

Aye-ayes are nocturnal primates that live in Madagascar. They're sort of like woodpeckers, in that they find food by tapping trees and listening for grub inside.

Just remember, don't feed them after midnight.

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