Mammals you didn’t know existed

From fanged deer to moles with tentacle noses, here are some of the weirdest species to ever call us family.

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Star-nosed mole

We're gonna keep the weirdly shaped nose trend going. We have for you here a mole with what looks like an octopus or starfish on its nose. A "star-nosed mole," if you will. This odd appendage has 22 hairless "tentacles" full of sensors that help the mole navigate underground and feel around for prey like insects and worms.

Star-nosed moles can find and eat prey in only 120 milliseconds, making them perhaps the planet's fastest eaters. They can also smell underwater by blowing bubbles onto things and then inhaling the bubbles back, which is definitely the most magical way to smell something.

These moles live in North America and tend to prefer wet lowland areas, like marshes. There, they dig tunnels, swim and of course, eat.

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