Mammals you didn’t know existed

From fanged deer to moles with tentacle noses, here are some of the weirdest species to ever call us family.

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Saiga Antelope Saiga Antelope (Photo: Vladimir Sevrinovsky / Shutterstock)

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Saiga antelope

No, this isn't a regular antelope that got punched in the nose so many times that it looks like there's an accordion hanging from its face. This saiga antelope was born this way. His extremely flexible nose is inflatable – like an accordion – and helps him breath warm air when it gets cold during winter and clean air when it gets dusty in the summer.

Saiga antelopes live in large herds and can migrate long distances, though they avoid steep areas. This species used to live throughout eastern Europe and Asia, but it now only inhabits bits of Russia and a few other small eastern European countries. According to the Saiga Conservation Alliance, saiga antelopes are some of the most endangered animals in the world, and their numbers decreased by about 95% over only 15 years thanks to poaching, although they're starting to make a comeback.

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