Mammals you didn’t know existed

From fanged deer to moles with tentacle noses, here are some of the weirdest species to ever call us family.

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flying lemur flying lemur (Photo: Ian Glover / Flickr)

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Ever wished you could fly? Apes and monkeys like us may be earthbound when we're not on planes, but some primates have actually figured out how to fly. Sort of.

Colugos, also know as "flying lemurs" despite not really being lemurs, have a sheet of skin that lets them glide between trees in their native southeastern Asian habitats. They can glide over 300 feet at once. In fact, they generally like to glide longer distances, as gliding short distances can make it difficult to avoid embarrassing themselves by running into trees.

Just as they can only sort of fly, they're also only sort of primates. Scientists put them in a scientific classification by themselves to separate them from all other primates, probably not because scientists were jealous of the world's only flying monkeys. Ancestors of flying lemurs split off from the ancestors of primates like gorillas, monkeys, humans and actual lemurs about 79.6 million years ago, but they remain our closest cousins.

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