Mammals you didn’t know existed

From fanged deer to moles with tentacle noses, here are some of the weirdest species to ever call us family.

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tufted deer tufted deer (Photo: Colette3 / Shutterstock)

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Tufted deer

You're walking through the woods, and you see a deer with fangs. You're either in the beginning of a horror movie, or you just spotted a tufted deer. Male deer of this species can grow inch-long fangs, which look large on a deer only 2 feet tall at the shoulder. It's called a "tufted deer" since its large tufts of hair are its most distinctive feature. Minus, apparently, the fangs.

What's the deal with the fangs? Fighting, of course. When in conflict, male deer come together, pushing at each other with their tiny, tiny antlers. When one deer starts to fall over, the other pounces, bares his fangs like a vampire and takes him down.

Tufted deer are mainly found in China's high hills and mountains. In captivity, they can live to be about 15 years old, although no one is really sure how long they live in the wild.

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