The cutest animals of the Mediterranean

These cutie pies will make you smile, sigh and say, 'awww.'

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7 / 8

Sand cat

This shy feline poking out from behind rocks is probably our favorite of the bunch, and possibly the most mysterious. Sand cats are the only cats that live primarily in arid environments. They're quite well adapted to desert life. Its paws are covered in thick fur, good for the extreme weather.

Sand cats are mostly nocturnal, keeping them out of the heat. They can also survive on little or no water, as they get plenty of liquids from prey.

Except during mating, sand cats mostly live alone. While all cats have a great sense of smell, the sand cat has an exceptionally good one, possibly because its nocturnal lifestyle means senses other than sight are especially useful.

Though they are an endangered species, zoos in Cleveland, the Bronx and Tel Aviv are helping to replenish the populations with breeding programs.

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