The cutest animals of the Mediterranean

These cutie pies will make you smile, sigh and say, 'awww.'

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Two foxes nuzzle. Two foxes nuzzle. (Photo: Pim Leijen / Shutterstock)

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Red fox

Fox cubs like this one found around the Mediterranean are born with short, puppy-like noses and closed eyes and ears, which open after two weeks. After another two weeks, they emerge from their dens.

These animals are classy when it comes to dating. During courtship, male foxes bring food to the vixens they have their eyes on.

Their mating calls, on the other hand, are much stranger; they sound like high-pitched screaming. But hey, if that's what you're into ...

Assuming all is successful and a new family is born, female "aunts" often help raise litters.

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