The cutest animals of the Mediterranean

These cutie pies will make you smile, sigh and say, 'awww.'

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Baby donkey mule with mother in mediterranean Spain Baby donkey mule with mother in mediterranean Spain (Photo: holbox / Shutterstock)

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There's nothing more adorable than a baby trying to follow in its parent's footsteps. This baby mule walks with its mother in Spain, a land proud of its mules. In the 18th century, Spain headed the mule-breeding industry as Spanish provinces Catalonia and Andalusia each developed a larger and stronger breed of donkey.

Mules have made some serious strides throughout history. In Medieval Europe, they were the preferred riding animal of gentlemen and clergy. Despite being native to Europe, mules played a pretty big role in the early United States: George Washington was America's first mule breeder.

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