9 of the world's most amazing aquariums

Bringing people face to face with the underwater world.

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Underwater tunnel at the Georgia Aquarium Underwater tunnel at the Georgia Aquarium (Photo: f11photo / Shutterstock)

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Georgia Aquarium

When it opened in 2005, Atlanta's Georgia Aquarium was the largest venue of its type in the world. Though it has lost that title, it is still a most impressive attraction. In all, the aquarium's tanks hold more than 10 million gallons of water. The largest tank, a mammoth 6.3 million gallon habitat, houses the only whale sharks exhibited outside of Asia. Other headlining species have included hammerhead sharks, manta rays and beluga whales. 

The Georgia Aquarium has six different exhibit halls, each featuring a specific habitat or theme. The Georgia Explore and River Scout exhibits focus on local salt and freshwater habitats, while other halls feature tropical fish, open ocean species and Arctic marine life. The sixth area is a large dolphin amphitheater. The Georgia Aquarium is also heavily invested in conservation and research projects. For example, it has rescued tarpons and beluga whales and orchestrated research projects focusing on local loggerhead turtles, whale sharks, manta rays and dolphins.  

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