8 coastal cliffs that might cure your fear of heights – or make it worse

A peek over the edge of towering seafront cliffs.

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Ireland's Cliffs of Moher Ireland's Cliffs of Moher (Photo: MVPhoto / Shutterstock)

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Cliffs of Moher

The Cliffs of Moher are located in the Irish county of Clare, which is in the southwestern corner of the island nation. The cliffs are a major tourist attraction. They average about 400 feet in height, with a high point of 702 feet. Overlooks allow visitors to see panoramas of the rocky coast, while a few spots provide the chance to look directly down at the waves crashing into the shore hundreds of feet below. 

In all, more than a million people visit these cliffs each year, making Moher one of Ireland's most popular tourist attractions. Historic castles are located in the areas near the cliffs, and boats offer a different view to tourists, taking them to the waters near the base of Moher's rocks.   

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