8 coastal cliffs that might cure your fear of heights – or make it worse

A peek over the edge of towering seafront cliffs.

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Cliffs of Netanya, near Tel Aviv Cliffs of Netanya, near Tel Aviv (Photo: Aloxey / Shutterstock)

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Cliffs of Netanya

Netanya is a resort town that is best known for its beaches, which stretch for more than seven miles along Israel's Mediterranean  coast. The sands are framed by rugged coastal cliffs, creating a kind of scenery that is not seen anywhere else in the country. Cliff-top promenades make it simple to enjoy the panoramic views and safely peer over the edge. 

Those who don't want to negotiate the steep rocks to get to the beach can take an elevator. Or, for a more exciting option, they can take advantage of the fact that Netanya is one of Israel's premiere hang-gliding destinations and swoop down to the beach on a glider. Unlike most of the other cliffs on our list, the rocks at Netanya are one of many attractions in the area. Beaches, restaurants, shopping and other activities all vie for tourists' attention. 

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