8 coastal cliffs that might cure your fear of heights – or make it worse

A peek over the edge of towering seafront cliffs.

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The famous white cliffs of Dover The famous white cliffs of Dover (Photo: Jared Huckle / Shutterstock)

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White Cliffs of Dover

The most famous cliffs in the world are found in the southeast of England. The White Cliffs of Dover overlook the English Channel. On clear days, the rock walls can actually be seen from France. At 300 feet, these are not the tallest sea cliffs on earth. However, their fame comes not from their height but from their color and their location.  

Chalk gives the cliffs their bright hue, while their location makes them a symbolic "gateway" to England. These cliffs have inspired songs, paintings and poems, as locals would climb to the top of the cliffs to watch over the Channel.  The first record of the Dover rocks was a drawing made more than 2,000 years ago by Roman forces led by Julius Caesar.  

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