8 coastal cliffs that might cure your fear of heights – or make it worse

A peek over the edge of towering seafront cliffs.

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Cliffs of Moher, Ireland Cliffs of Moher, Ireland (Photo: svetok30 / Shutterstock)

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Stunning coastal cliffs

Some of the most iconic sections of shoreline on earth feature towering cliffs. These formidable rock formations are impressive to look at from afar. What is even more thrilling, however, is the view from the top. Nothing will cure your fear of heights faster than peering over the edge of a coastal cliff that sits hundreds (or even thousands) of feet above the waves. 

Some of these seaside monsters are located in remote areas, while others sit surprisingly near major cities. A few, like the Cliffs of Dover, have become major tourists destinations. People travel from far and wide to enjoy the ocean panoramas from the summits of these rock formations. Here are eight stunning coastal cliffs that are tall enough to cure your fear of heights (if you dare to look over the edge). 

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