8 animals brought back from the brink of extinction

Once thought destined to be lost forever, these species have rallied to beat the odds.

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Pygmy Tarsier Pygmy Tarsier (Photo: Texas A&M University)

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The Pygmy Tarsier

Like something out of a science-fiction film, these adorable wide-eyed primates were originally thought to have gone extinct in the early 20th century. So you can imagine the surprise of scientists when an expedition in 2008 to Indonesia uncovered not one, but four of the lost species.

Unlike other primates, the pygmy tarsier cannot move its eyes, a limitation it compensates for with a head that can swivel almost 360 degrees. It's also a spectacular jumper with the ability to leap more than 40 times its body length.

Found exclusively in the cloud forests on the island of Sulawesi, the pygmy tarsier's remote habitat will hopefully keep it relatively safe from future human interference.

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