8 animals brought back from the brink of extinction

Once thought destined to be lost forever, these species have rallied to beat the odds.

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Hula painted frog Hula painted frog (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

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The Hula Painted Frog

The world's first amphibian to officially be declared extinct has made a surprising return to the living.

The Hula painted frog, native to the Lake Hula marshes of Israel, was thought to have died off after its habitat was drained for agriculture in the early 1950s. Conservationists later re-flooded portions of the Hula Valley, and in 2011 a park ranger rediscovered one of the long-lost frogs during a routine stroll.

The location of the dozen or so Hula painted frogs found since remains a closely guarded secret within the protected Hula Nature Reserve.

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