8 animals brought back from the brink of extinction

Once thought destined to be lost forever, these species have rallied to beat the odds.

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Amur Tiger Amur Tiger (Photo: The Len / Shutterstock)

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The Amur Tiger

Spanning some 13 feet in length and weighing up to 700 pounds, the Amur tiger (also called the Siberian Tiger) is the world's largest tiger species.

Threats from poaching and regional conflicts in the tiger's habitat range of Russia and China pushed the species to the brink, with only 40 individuals left in the 1940s. Thanks to aggressive anti-poaching measures and habitat protection, the population has rebounded to some 350-500 tigers.

With the species still critically endangered, countries such as Russia have stepped up efforts to protect remaining habitats in the boreal forests, limit deforestation from the timber industry and increase poaching patrols.

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