8 amazing mothers of the animal kingdom

These affectionate animal moms at the Ramat Gan Safari deserve a shout-out this Mother's Day.

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Baby elephant reaches trunk out to its grandmother Baby elephant reaches trunk out to its grandmother (Photo: Jack Guez / AFP/Getty Images)

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Asian elephant

By far the largest mom on our list, the Asian elephant is one of the sweetest mammal mommies. With a gestation period of over a year and a half, Asian elephants give birth to calves as heavy as 200 pounds or more! Baby elephants will nurse off of their mothers for as many as three years.

For female calves, life is good. Herds are matriarchies so she'll be able to stay even after weaning. Male elephants, however, are not so lucky. Once the male has matured, he will literally be chased away from the group.

The Asian elephant mom would like nothing more than a nice, gigantic dinner – a feast of legumes, grass, palm, bark, you get the idea. Just be sure to bring about 300 pounds of it all.


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