8 amazing mothers of the animal kingdom

These affectionate animal moms at the Ramat Gan Safari deserve a shout-out this Mother's Day.

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Capuchin monkeys snuggling up with baby Capuchin monkeys snuggling up with baby (Photo: Jack Guez / AFP/Getty Images)

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Weeper capuchin monkeys

Capuchin mothers get no help from daddy monkey – and worse still, they must protect their young from wandering males, who may try to harm the baby.

Like ring-tailed lemurs, capuchin moms dominate the group, especially if they rank highly in the social hierarchy, and they can get pretty aggressive. The strongest bond in the group exists between female capuchins and their daughters.

For the capuchin mom, a nice hairbrush or fragrant shampoo would be the perfect gift. Like humans, females socialize while "at the salon" (grooming each other).

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