8 amazing mothers of the animal kingdom

These affectionate animal moms at the Ramat Gan Safari deserve a shout-out this Mother's Day.

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Lemur nurses two twin lemur babies Lemur nurses two twin lemur babies (Photo: Tibor Jager / Safari Park via Getty Images)

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Ring-tailed lemur

This Madagascar native is one of the most talkative mothers. Female lemurs run the show, whether through aggressive chasing or the "threat stare," they make it clear: don't mess with mama.

Lemur babies are usually the only child. Every now and then, lemurs will give birth to two – like at the Ramat Gan Safari in 2009 as seen in this photo, when Amy the lemur surprised the staff with twins!

Mommy lemur totes her baby (or babies!) on her chest at first, then on her back as the little ones get bigger. Because life can be tough in the wild, it's not uncommon for other females in the troop to pitch in and help raise the babies.

For the ring-tailed lemur mom, we recommend a megaphone, so her many varied calls can be heard even when her children are out of reach.

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