8 amazing mothers of the animal kingdom

These affectionate animal moms at the Ramat Gan Safari deserve a shout-out this Mother's Day.

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Jambi the siamang nurses her baby Jambi the siamang nurses her baby (Photo: Jack Guez / AFP/Getty Images)

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A mother's touch

Humans aren't the only species in the animal kingdom who show affection and pride when it comes to their children.

Take the Ramat Gan Safari in Tel Aviv, for example. Thanks to their endangered species programs – coupled with their other, er, rather fruitful residents – staff and visitors alike are able to observe the family dynamics of all sorts of animals.

In the spirit of Mother's Day and with the news of a very adorable surprise arrival of a baby siamang at the Ramat Gan Safari, we're shining the spotlight on some of the most notable of the Israeli safari's residents – the species who are remarkable moms (and their sweet little babies, too!) – so buckle up and get ready for some serious cuteness.

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