7 of the toughest baby animals

These young creatures might be cute, but they're also incredibly resilient.

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Hyenas in South Africa Hyenas in South Africa (Photo: njsphotography / Shutterstock)

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Hyena cubs are more vulnerable to predators than their fierce parents. 

The biggest danger that these young carnivores face does not come from raptors or other animals looking for an easy catch. It comes from members of the cub's own family. Like other animals, hyenas learn survival and hunting skills by playfully fighting with their brothers and sisters. But for hyenas, this fighting can go beyond mere practice. Hyenas are one of the few mammals that are known to kill members of their own family if they feel overly threatened. 

The striped hyena, the smallest of the hyena species, can often be found wandering Israel's Negev desert. The home ranges of these animals are quite large, as they are not generally territorial. One home range in the Negev was recorded at 24 square miles. 

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