6 modern reptiles that look like dinosaurs

These dino-like creatures will make you think you’ve taken a trip to 'Jurassic World.'

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woodlizard woodlizard (Photo: Dr Pablo Venegas / Centro de ornitología y Biodiversidad)

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The intelligent Woodlizards (Enyalioides binzayedi)

Located in a remote region of the Peruvian rainforests, the Enyalioides binzayedi is one of two recently discovered woodlizards. This colorful lizard features impressive dorsal spikes and an eye that reflects the intelligence of the velociraptor dinosaurs featured in "Jurassic Park" and its sequels. Fortunately for humanity, the males only reach about 12 centimeters in length.

Because the 5,000-square-mile Cordillera Azul National Park of Peru, where the lizards are found, has been so poorly explored, it's hoped they are but a fraction of new species awaiting discovery in the region.

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