6 modern reptiles that look like dinosaurs

These dino-like creatures will make you think you’ve taken a trip to 'Jurassic World.'

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Frilled Neck Lizard Frilled Neck Lizard (Photo: Miklos Schiberna /Wikipedia Commons)

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The showy Frilled Neck lizard (Chlamydosaurus kingii)

Remember the menacing Dilophosaurus from "Jurassic Park" that had a colorful neck frill to make itself appear larger? The frilled neck lizard, native to Australia, looks just like that, albeit smaller. Its brightly colored frill (averaging 30 centimeters in diameter) makes it appear extremely intimidating to predators. It's also capable of bipedal locomotion and spends roughly 90 percent of its life in trees and dining on insects and small vertebrates.

Unlike other newborns, frilled neck lizard babies hatch immediately independent and fully capable of using their frills to scare off predators. We can only imagine this display of tiny might is adorable.

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