6 modern reptiles that look like dinosaurs

These dino-like creatures will make you think you’ve taken a trip to 'Jurassic World.'

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The peculiar Jackson's Three-Horned Chameleon (Trioceros jacksonii)

The Jackson's three-horned chameleon is often compared to the legendary Triceratops dinosaur due to the three brown horns displayed by males. While adult Triceratops, however, topped out at almost 30 feet long, the Jackson's Chameleon rarely exceeds 12 inches. They are native to Eastern African regions in Kenya and Tanzania, but thanks to the exotic pet trade, have also established populations on the main islands of Hawaii. While most chameleons lay eggs, the Jackson's chameleon gives birth to live offspring.

While it might appear an attractive pet, the Jackson's Chameleon does not enjoy being handled, is easily stressed and prefers solitude.

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