The stories behind 6 famous Einstein photos

There's more than meets the eye when it comes to images of the great man.

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The goofball

Among the most iconic of all Einstein images, this was also one his favorites, and he actually put it on greeting cards that he would send to friends.

The picture was snapped of him while he was leaving a 72nd birthday party in 1951. Photographer Arthur Sasse was amongst the pack of photographers hounding Einstein, but the only one to get this shot of him playfully sticking his tongue out while riding away in the backseat of a car.

RR Auctions' Robert Livingston recently sold a copy of this photo, signed by Einstein, for $125,000.

"Can you imagine, Einstein himself recognized the PR value and the power of that image and symbolism of that tongue sticking out," Livingston told From The Grapevine. "To see the most famous image of Einstein autographed by him. It's just an amazing story and an amazing photo."

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