The most interesting people we met this year

From a camel cowboy to a woman living in a laundromat, 2016 was full of surprises.

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8 / 12

Nora Lifschitz

This is the year we found out about 28-year-old Nora Lifschitz – dubbed "Batgirl" – who's made it her life's mission to rescue bats. Lifschitz has been bringing injured fruit bats and caring for them in her Tel Aviv home for two years, hoping to release these fascinating animals into the wild. “I think that what attracted me to them especially is the eyes,” she said. “They have a look of helplessness. Once we found a bat with her babies. She lay on the ground, and she simply was helpless. But she kept on holding on to her babies.” Last we checked, she was nurturing about 70 bats.

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