The most interesting people we met this year

From a camel cowboy to a woman living in a laundromat, 2016 was full of surprises.

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Omry Amrany and his famous Michael Jordan statue. Omry Amrany and his famous Michael Jordan statue. (Photo: Courtesy photo)

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Omri Amrany

From Michael Jordan to Vince Lombardi, sculptor Omri Amrany is capturing them all for history. The Chicago-based artist has made a name for himself by building statues of America's favorite athletes in front of stadiums and arenas all across the country. "I am the fan of the world," he told From The Grapevine. "I watch sports for the human achievement. As an artist, as a philosopher, I'm always looking for that." In total, Amrany has built more than 165 sports statues. When asked which one is his favorite, he had this response at the ready: "The one that I didn't do yet."

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